Curbside Service

Curbside Service

Ark Animal Hospital “Curbside Service”

Your patience is appreciated!!  Curbside service can be hectic. We are doing our best to help you, your pet and our staff be safe. Suggestions to help the flow.

  1. Please call ahead to order medications and food. It’s helpful if you are ready to make the payment over the phone with a credit card. Then when you arrive to pick up your order we can bring it out to you quickly.
  2. To make an appointment please call the clinic at 732-3119. Our veterinarians and staff will decide what is best for your pet.
  3. For appointments please call the clinic when you arrive. A staff member will take a history of the problem over the phone.  You can also provide a note with concerns to send with your pet.
  4.  Then please bring your pet to the front entrance to meet a staff member for the transfer.  Please make sure that collars or harnesses are secure and cats are in a carrier. Keep physical distancing as much as possible.
  5. Please avoid speaking on your phone while waiting, if possible, so we can reach you with questions or concerns.
  6. If the appointment will be fairly short please remain in the parking lot until your pet is released. This will be better for your pet and our staff.
  7. After the appointment the doctor or technician will call you to discuss the findings and recommendations.
  8. You will then be transferred to the front desk to make payment over the phone.

               Thank-you! The Ark Animal Hospital staff

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